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Richard Fox Painting

What most inspires me is color. Vivid color harmonies affirm life both witnessed and experienced. It gives me great joy to share that passionate sense I feel whenever I encounter contrasts of color and picturesque details in my wanderings. I work from memory and sketches, and also in front of the motif whenever possible.  Recently a woman who watched me work asked if the colors I used were those I was actually seeing; I replied no, but I feel them this way, and that’s how I wanted you to see it as well. Intensity for me is all– allied with that embracing of lively color is a diversity of subject matter. Observing and recording my impressions of parks, theatre, music—these are my themes and what drives me on.

Who I am:

Native New Yorker here, born and bred. I’ve traveled extensively in Europe and the U.S., and try bringing my New Yorker’s melting pot sensibility to whatever I paint. If I had my way I literally would “paint a globe.” Concentrating on honing my skills as a draughtsman in the media of watercolor and oil, I sketched and painted consistently over a 20-year period, and also created the covers and illustrations for the interiors of books for major book publishers. My paintings have been exhibited in New York, Boston, Brussels, Richmond, and Houston, and are represented in the collection of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, New York, and in private collections in New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Luxembourg.

My Inspiration

“What most inspires me is color. Vivid color harmonies affirm life both witnessed and experienced.” – Richard Fox