Collage of Landscape and People

Friends Chatting, Palm Springs

There are times when I want to do a large painting, but bringing the canvas to any location to paint is not in the cards. This canvas I wanted to do was 4’ x 5’ (1.22m x 1.54m). I also have been scouting around the area and various ideas formed in my mind as to what I wanted to show.

I wanted a still life but with the mountains in the picture; I wanted people sitting someplace; I wanted palm trees and shadows of palm trees on the ground. The place didn’t exist per se in one location, so what to do.

I did more hunting and made it up. It is very much trial and error, and over weeks the piece began to take shape.

I kept playing around with the shadows and the architecture and the people till they became what I wanted it to be: a quiet conversation between friends, with a mountain backdrop. I put crows into the mix for good measure as they seemed to want to be included in the painting. (I see them everywhere in my neck of the woods.)

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