Putting on the finishing touches

Working on this painting made me remember how much I enjoy creating groups of people, just going about their business. Since everything is made up of moments I’ve experienced but not an actual place, I don’t feel the need for precise realism but something akin to a waking dream, or my fleeting impression of the scene. In this case a sidewalk café on a sunny day.

Oil painting of people around a sidewalk café on a Sunday afternoon.

There is an irony to how I depict people. I’m interested in movement and yet I love to show images of rest and quiet. By the nature of people in motion there is no rest! So I use all sorts of geometric shapes that quietly convey stability, regardless of what my characters decide to do. And here in this painting I am calling “Sunday,” with a kind of stylized lighting that freezes everyone, I hope that quiet comes through. That was the goal, at least.

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